Cookiecutter pyOpenSci

Cookiecutter template for a pyOpenSci Python packge.


  • Tox and pytest testing: Setup to easily test for Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
  • Travis-CI: Ready for Travis Continuous Integration testing
  • codecov: Code coverage report and badge using codecov and Travis
  • Sphinx docs: Documentation ready for generation with, for example, ReadTheDocs
  • Bumpversion: Pre-configured version bumping with a single command
  • Auto-release to PyPI when you push a new tag to master (optional)


Install the latest Cookiecutter if you haven’t installed it yet (this requires Cookiecutter 1.4.0 or higher)

pip install -U cookiecutter

Generate a Python package project:


For more details, see the `cookiecutter-pyopensci tutorial <>`__


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