Travis/PyPI Setup

Optionally, your package can automatically be released on PyPI whenever you push a new tag to the master branch.

How It Works

Your project comes with a script called

This script does the following:

  • Encrypt your PyPI password and save it in your Travis config
  • Activate automated deployment on PyPI when you push a new tag to master.

The encryption is done using RSA encryption, you can read more about Travis encryption here. In short, the encrypted password can only be decrypted by Travis, using the private key it associates with your repo.

Using the Travis command-line tool instead

If you have the travis command - line tool installed, instead of using the script you can do:

travis encrypt --add deploy.password

Which does essentially the same thing.

Your Release Process

If you are using this feature, this is how you would do a patch release:

bumpversion patch
git push --tags

This will result in:

  • mypackage 0.1.1 showing up in your GitHub tags/releases page
  • mypackage 0.1.1 getting released on PyPI

You can also replace patch with minor or major.

More Details

You can read more about using Travis for PyPI deployment at: